Spanish Programs Levels

We work with four levels, fixing the goals for each based on our experience and in accordance with  the Common European Framework of References.

  • Beginners (A1+A2)
    The student will be able to formulate and understand short sentences relating to basic necessities and forms of politeness.

  • Pre-Intermediate (B1)
    The student will be able to express himself, perhaps sometimes with a little difficulty, but usually spontaneously and independently, in everyday situations.

  • Intermediate (B2)
    Lessons that develop the students ability to communicate with competency, and to engage in conversation on their experiences, with a developed understanding of the past and future tenses.

  • Advanced (C1)
    The student will have advanced communication ability, even in complicated situations.

Whether a complete beginner or an advanced speaker, a recent or returning student, we can offer customized tutoring at a level and pace especially suited to a student's personal goals.