• What we have been able to learn with Sumaq Marka is way beyond what I would have expected. The classes have been very organized and flexible to meet our needs. Our teacher has an amazing background and solid training in teaching the language.
    In addition to speaking Spanish, we were able to learn about the Peruvian and Arequipenean culture first hand. The experience has been invaluable.

    Allison Bilas (USA)

  • I would recommend to everyone visiting Peru, even if for a short time, to visit Arequipa and take Spanish lessons at Sumaq Marka. Our teacher Ericka, not only is the best Spanish teacher I have ever had, she has deep knowledge of her country's history and culture. She regularly integrated all of this into our Spanish lessons as learned.
    We have also learn how to make good ceviche, the classic lomo saltado and pisco sours as well , including many secrets!
    Ericka is a talented teacher, has been flexible with our complicated schedules, and a good friend above all. I am very happy to have had this life-changing experience!

    Scott Bilas (USA)

  • Hello! My name is Elise, and I'm 26 years old. I come from Norway and am going to be a teacher in Peru for 2 years.
    My husband and I have been attending Sumaq Marka for a "survival course" for two weeks..
    We have learned a lot! Our teacher is so kind and helpful and she uses lots of different materials to make us understand. We have really enjoyed it!
    This course is great to everyone who wants to learn Spanish quickly!
    I recommend it from my heart!
    All the best,

    Elise Lovgren (Norway)

  • Hello! My name is Erlend. I have been attending Sumaq Marka -Peru for two weeks. I will be staying in Peru for two years and needed survival Spanish to start with. We have a very good teacher and provided me with a good foundation from where I can continue learning.
    My teacher has been been very patient with me and my poor language skills and I do highly recommend this course in Sumaq Marka- Peru for anyone who wants to learn Spanish! 

    Erlend Johansen (Norway)

  • My husband and I Spanish for six months.
    She is a great teacher, whoe kept the lessons relevant and interesting .
    Our teacher is both professional and friendly making lessons a lot of fun.
    We went from speaking no Spanish at all to being able to happily converse in our daily lives.

    We enjoyed learning Spanish. Thank you!

    Gemma and Ben Burger
    (England & Australia)

  • Hello my name is James Grueneich and I received here a week long Spanish Immersion course. I was skeptical at the beginning because I had been in Peru for only a very short time and did not speak any Spanish. Our teacher made us all feel comfortable and proceeded at a pace for all of us to learn and understand the basics of the language and culture.
    By the end of the week I was able to order at restaurants, give and ask for relevant information, make telephone calls, & do my shopping at the markets and stores without the help of other people. With the excellent course structure and patience of Ericka this course made my transition to Peru 100 times easier. Thank you.

    JW Grueneich (USA)

  • My name is Marianne. I am from Norway and I have lived in Arequipa for one year because I work here. Since I work as a teacher for Norwegians I didn't have many opportunities to practice Spanish during my first year in Peru.
    I am staying one more year in Peru, so last August I enrolled as a student at Sumaq Marka- Peru and I have learned a lot!!
    I have a very nice and gifted teacher who makes us learn through playing games and through practical situations.
    This Spanish school is perfect for me. This school is great fun and very interesting!
    I recommend Sumaq Marka to everybody!
    I am very, very satisfied.

    Marianne Mathisen (Norway)

  • My name is Tron. I am from Norway and I am a teacher .
    I live in Arequipa and therefore I need to learn more Spanish. I feel that I understand the language to a certain extent, but I need to learn more.
    Here at Sumaq marka with Ericka as my teacher I feel that I am learning a lot.
    She "plays" the language in, and after my 30 years as a teacher I find it refreshing. I learn a lot from Ericka. She is a pleasant and very knowledgeable teacher.
    I recommend Ericka warmly as a teacher and Sumaq Marka as a Spanish school.

    Tron Mathisen (Norway)

  • Ericka Loayza was my Spanish teacher, she was very professional and very helpful in my studies.

    She was always looking to customize our classes to help me with the areas that I needed to work on the most.

    I would not hesitate to recommend Ericka as a teacher.

    Scott Smith (Canada)

  • Ericka was my Spanish tutor. We had hourly classes once each week.

    Ericka is patient and supportive of her students.
    She is fun to study with. She brings interesting and enjoyable topics to the studies.
    I would certainly recommend Ericka for any person needing personal instruction in Spanish.

    George Hufford (USA)

  • Hello, my name is Martin from Norway and I attended a 3-day Spanish survival course at Sumaq Marka in Arequipa, Peru.
    The course went over 12 hours and I found it quite useful, regarding to daily activities such as buying in markets and shops, making telephone calls, ordering in a restaurant, ordering taxis, asking and giving directions in the city, asking and giving information.
    From my view point, my teacher in Sumaq Marka is a very patient teacher and was very well prepared for each one of our lessons.
    I recommend Summaq Marka if you want to learn Spanish while staying in Arequipa.

    Martin Mathisen (Norway)

  • Hi, our names are Jan Frode & Elise and we are a married couple.
    We come from the beautiful country Norway and we haven't spoken Spanish before.

    We heard about Sumaq Marka through some friends, and we thought that studying Spanish would be something nice to do in our holiday.
    With the course we have learned a lot and are very satisfied.

    We will probably continue speaking Spanish to each other, and we already look forward to travel again to a Spanish speaking country.
    Our teacher has been very kind to us, extremely patient ! Ericka is an excellent teacher.
    Thank you!!

    Jan Frode Ronning (Norway)

    Elise Ronning (Norway)

  • This year in spring I have been to Peru for nearly six weeks! Four of them I have spent in Arequipa. I have had 4 weeks 4 hours a day and the lessons were very interesting, funny and I learned a lot. My teacher is a very patient, experienced and also an informative person.
    The structure of the lessons and the exercises were very good, because two hours each day I had conversation and two hours each day I advanced my grammar and writing.
    My teacher tried to find the best exercises for my level of Spanish.
    But not only in the school but also in my free time she was very interested to help me to learn Spanish. For example she gave me the chance to talk a lot to native speakers, because it is very helpful if you try to understand different accents if you want to learn a foreign language very well.
    The time with Ericka in class was a never ending barrel of good moments!
    Last but not least, I wanna say THANK YOU for everything she did for me while I have been to Arequipa!

    Meike Pfeil (Germany)

  • I studied Spanish in Arequipa and I had 4 weeks of 1 to 1 tuition with Ericka. Ericka was always very patient with my attempts at learning Spanish and remained helpful and cheerful throughout the 4 weeks.
    We covered a range of topics with a balance between conversational practice and the study of grammar and tenses. Ericka kept the lessons interesting and fun and introduced various activities such as games and music to give variety to the lessons.
    With my teacher I also learned a lot more about Peru the country, its people and culture which made the lessons much rewarding than simply the progress made with my Spanish.

    Paul Hoxey (England)

  • Hello we are Line and Fredrick. We took Spanish lessons for one week at Sumaq Marka and although it was a short period, we have learned a lot of important topics related to Survival Spanish, just what we needed!
    We have learned through playing and using a great variety of material which helped us to learn easily and in a funny way.
    Sumaq Marka is a nice place and we highly recommend it.

    Line Stadven (Norway)

    Fredrick Jaren (Norway)

  • This is my first visit to Peru, and learning to make ceviche with Ericka and Pisco Sours with Fahed, was one of the highlights of our trip.

    They are so hospitable, fun and a joy to be around. We learned not just how to cook, but also learned Peruvian rich history.

    I highly recommend that you spend a day of your visit with Ericka and Fahed.
    I promise you will have a great time!

    Lisa Wicklund(USA)

  • In Sumaq MArka we had incredible cultural experience.
    Not only did we learned some Spanish, we learned tricks to making the perfect ceviche, an intoxicating Pisco Sour, and fascinating Peruvian facts not found in the history books.

    A complete family experience .
    Thank you Fahed and Ericka!

    Mary Davis (USA)

  • I have learned to dance Salsa and African-Peruvian dance at Sumaq Marka. I really enjojed it.

    It gave me inspiration to dance in more different ways and for sure next time in a disco in South America I will be able to dance in couples much better.

    Thank you!

    Alida von Rijn

  • I took Spanish course only for two days, as my travel schedule was tight, Our teacher covered broad range of topics in Spanish so that I can communicate in my trip in South America.
    It would make a big difference for me because the lessons gave me fundamental level of understanding on Spanish language.
    Thank you!

    Kazuma T. (JAPAN)

  • We were struggling with communicating in Spanish, so we decided to take Spanish lessons in Sumaq Marka.
    We've got intensive lessons during two days we stay in Arequipa.
    Our teacher helped us in a very efficient way . Our teacher arranged our lessons based on our need for travelling.
    I strongly believe learning Spanish in this school will make our travel more fun and exciting.
    I really appreciate our teacher's support for us.

    Kaori Honda (JAPAN)